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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pinned it, made it. Button tree?

A while ago I pinned this:
Well we recently had a new cousin born and they didn't know the baby's gender , but it was born and it is a GIRL! Which means I finally get to make some girly baby things... This was perfect.
I didn't have buttons so we used plastic gems and I put her name instead of the letter. (I blocked it in this photo.) I also bought a lazer cut frame and glued the flat canvas to the back after I painted it and covered it in glitter. To give it a bubbled look I used Mod Podge  Dimensional Magic. I love how it turned out!! I decided to add a few cute little butterflies and a ribbon to hang it from... What do you think? 

BTW if you have a link to the blogger that posted the original above please let me know!


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