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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My 1st knock offs!

Yay! I completed my 1st knock offs!

But alas I made them on small shirts.... I guess they were juniors small because boy are they snug on me!

but here they are...

First I saw this sweet little number and thought I can totally make that!

And her is what I came up with

Next time I will get 1) a bigger shirt 2) 2.5 yds of sequins 3) look at the stretch sequins so I can sew instead of glue.

The other one we have seen tons of knock offs of... but I can't find the link to the girl who I first saw this one... If you recognize and remember her let me know so I can link her.. she makes some of the coolest knock offs.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am a goof

I made the cutest baby quilt for my friend Jamie's baby... he is still in belly at this time.
It was actually a wall peice from joann's that you quilt and hang but I wanted to make it useable.

Quilts are great for laying on the floor to let baby play on! BUT I didn't take a picture...So as soon as I get on I will post it!

plus I put satin edging on it and it looked pretty good.. my mitered edges were a little off bu not too bad... anyone have any tips on this?