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Friday, February 25, 2011

a highschool type love note....

I saw this and have wanted to make one! I wanted it to seem like something a high school girl would scribble in her binder. I love how it turned out.. I wish Kelton had not busted the glass! oh well. I am going to make one for his room I think with a plane on it that says something like... I loved you before I held you in my arms... or something like that.

Crayon roll

Kelton got invited to his 1st birthday party in Pre-K. He and I are both excited... I am excited because if give me good reasons to make some stuff. So this is the 1st of gifts to be made. I don't really know what else I will be making but I am thinking every girl needs a tu-tu.

Nursing Covers

In the last two days I have knocked out 4 of these bad boys. I used Prudent baby's tut to whip these up! I love how fast they are to make and oh so easy!

Apron for Kelton

I used Sew Liberated's child apron pattern for the body. The straps I kind of just winged. The waist strap has Velcro on one side and the neck has Velcro on both sides. He has since requested a pocket with his name on it so I will have to do that soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

1st set of go baby go goodies are done!

I finished these guys up this morning... well they aren't totally done I still need to put some kind of closure on the bibs. The peices are from that panel of go baby go that I bought. I lined them or backed them with a super soft flannel that says I love my mommy, and I love my daddy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm a winner!

I won this forever ago and just realized I hadn't posted on my blog about it!
This fat quarter bundle I won is from Poppy Seed fabrics. I remember having a project in mind when I hoped to win... but can't think of it for the life of me.. Oh well. it will either come to me or I will find a new idea!
You can buy this here!

The giveaway was hosted by one of my Favorite bloggers...
Little Lizard King... super cute Kids patterns

Fabric shopping!!

Right now I know 13 ... yes 13... pregnant people. Some of which I am very close to and will be making things for. So I figured 1st a quick and easy for 4 mom's nursing covers. Here is the fabric picked out for those.

Here is the flannel I bought along with some corduroy that was on super clearance for less then 2.00 a yard!

This is actually supposed to be a wall panel but I am going to make it into a baby blanket for on of my friends. She knows she is having a boy so I think she will be happy!

Go baby Go...

I found this panel at Jo-ann's and loved the colors! Instead of using it how it's intended.. IE: match the pieces, I am going to back them all with flannel. The I can make twice as many super cute things!

It has printed stitching marks on different parts, so I am going over them with embroidery floss to give them a little more depth!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

tile and paper coasters

I made these in sets of four I already sent out two sets and forgot to take pictures of them. I just hit the paper aisle in Micheal's and found different papers I liked, I found this really cool paper with tools on them and thought that would make cool coasters. The others I just thought were pretty!

All I did was cut the paper and mod podge the paper to the tile, put 4 coats over the top and then spray them with clear coat. Then cut and glued cork to the bottom!
I used The Cottage Home's tut for this.
Easy and pretty!

Button and rosette wreath

I saw these buttons at Micheal's and instantly fell in love with the colors, so spring-ish, and bright.
I cut up old tee shirts and wrapped the straw wreath in them and then grabbed some of my kiddos clothes from the to be donated box and made some rosettes (My 1st time.). Then I got to work glue gunning away, only burned two fingers and only a little bit!

I love the way it turned out.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ducky baby quilts

I actually made two of these and they are pretty much the same. I also embroidered in the bottom corner but I did it in yellow so it isn't to bold. I bought the fabric pre-cut from Jo-ann's since I had never made quilts before.

They are light weight as both babies are due in spring, They are backed with blue dot flannel... it's oh so soft. Also the fabrics are all slightly different textures.

Happy Valentine's to me... and my kiddo!

So I signed up to do a Valentine's gift exchange, I can't even remember what all I sent to my partner, I was so excited I know I made her some coasters.. and sent a necklace and earrings set I made in purple and green. I feel like I sent something else but I can't remember!

She sent me two very wonderful fleece blankets, one in hearts with my name on it and one in robots with Kelton's name on it, the kid won't put it down, he can't nap or go to bed with out it, he want's to bring it to school for show and tell... which I am not sure they ever do.. lol.

She also sent me a little valentine with 3 mini reese's and a super cute pair of hot pink earrings, which is awesome because I love stuff that makes a statement!

Thank you Partner! I'd trade again with you any day!

Art for Kelton's room- fly away!

I found these frames in the Target Clearance section for 1.50 ea, one was red and the other was grass green. Kelton's room has little to nothing on the walls.(Just some airplane decals that match his bedding. see here!) So I knew I needed to make something for his room. So I ran over to Micheal's, Let me tell you this place overwhelms me, they have so much random stuff!

I found some light blue chipboard letters for 1.99 and a sheet of scrapbook paper with a plane theme. I also picked up some other things but we will go over that later!

So I headed home and dug up some spray paint from a project a friend did, and got to work. Cut the paper to fit in the frame and decided which letters I wanted to use. The frames were too small to put his name in so I opted for one to say Fly and the other to say up & away.

I had some scrap-booking buttons and such that I used to add to them.

I spray painted one frame silver and the other navy blue. I also spay painted the chip board letters I won't lie I was worried this wouldn't work but it worked perfectly.

Here's the finished product!

Robot tee for the Kiddo

My little guy is having a party for Valentine's day on Monday at school. He doesn't have anything Valentine-ish(yes a real word I swear!) So when I was at target the other day I found this gift bag... LOVE it! Boyish with a little love.

So I grabbed a red tee shirt and some of his clothes that don't fit anymore... and here was the end result. He thinks it's pretty cool. Which makes me pretty proud.

BTW Don't ever let me try that again with out some sort of double sided interfacing.... this took forever!