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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope all you moms and moms to-be had a great mother's Day. Mine wasn't too bad..lol mostly like a normal day. But in the end I don't really care, I have my boys and Doug and that's all I require.

I did great lots of flowers... I never get flowers and yet I got 3 vases full and one planted one from my 6 year old.

Now for Doug's mom I wanted to come up with something she could show off but wasn't clothing or jewerly. So I made a key chain with the boys photos. I am going to have to add some of the photos later as I forgot to take some but I plan to make another key chain hopefully tomorrow.

So here's what you will need :
2 photos printed smaller then wallet size
Elmers Glue dots
Bead landing found objects frame- Micheal's carries this
A key chain clip
jump rings
charms if wanted
pliers 2 pair

I printed two photos of my boys. After printing them figure out where I wanted the little bubble that come with the frames. They are sticky on the back.. after I put them in place I flipped my paper over and rubbed the back to make sure it was good and stuck.. then you just cut it out!

After cutting out these handsome faces, I used 5 glue dots to stick them to the frames. Since the is a key chain I wanted to make sure they didn't come off. Press the bubbles into the frames, I squeezed them as hard as possible to make sure the glue dots had good contact.

 Here is where I forgot to take photos but will tomorrow and will edit the post.
After that I used jump rings to make a chain and I attached one frame at the end... then I made another chain a few links shorter to add the 2nd frame and lastly I made a short chain to hang a tiny heart charm that said #1 Grandma. She got it today and loved it! It's easy, sweet and handmade.

Nothing in this post was sponsored nor was I paid, but I did win the glue dots on Elmers craft it facebook page... They do giveaways pretty often.. you should like them here!

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