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Monday, May 13, 2013

Father's day cards... I know it's early...

So not long ago I found a link to Trendy Trehouse's blog and found the amazing card Tara made.
I knew these would be perfect for father's day for the many men in our lives, She made a great tute, but I changed a few things so I am going to do one for you also. BUT please make sure to check out her blog 1st as this wasn't my idea.

I knew right away that I wanted to make this a little more fancy. So I ran to Micheal's and got some card stock and scrapbook paper.

Then using Tara's tute I free handed my pieces onto the back side of each paper. I made a pdf template for you to use.. I added a bow tie (2 parts) and a pocket (two sizes).

I traced them on to my paper for this card. I used glue dots to make the ties and pockets stand up higher, used a glue stick for most everything else.

After tracing I cut out all the pieces and glued the collar outside to the back of the shirt piece. cut just below and bout one inch in. I marked it on my template.

Fold over and trim excess at top. Apply tiny glue dot to hold collar down, use another glue dot to put bow tie center on bow tie. 

Use thicker glue dot to hold bow tie down.

glue the two small triangles on side of the shirt and use thick glue dot to put pocket on.

Fold card stock in half and cut along line. open and glue on front and back.

Admire your handmade amazing cards, because you my dear are done! Comment if you want the pdf template... as I don't know how to attach it. :)

Card fronts

Card inside
card back

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