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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quick no sew ottoman recover..

I have never recovered any furniture before, but I figured these Ottomans would be an easy project.
Picture Borrowed from Signature Home styles Website.
The simple steps.
1. Buy Fabric... I chose one for the sides and something else for the tops.
This the the sides... Got it at Jo-anns

2. Remove any fabric you can't easily cover over... I only removed the top fabric
3. Staple, staple and staple some more...
One done and the top on the other completed.
 4. Admire your handy work....
Oh so lovely..but missing something...

5. Add some nail head trim.. I got mine at Lowes for less then $2 for 25.. Used 120 on 1 ottoman
Looking better!

Ah that's the ticket!


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    1. Thanks Step, I fell hard for it ay Jo-ann's I just couldn't walk away from it.

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