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Monday, May 7, 2012

Merlot Velvet Headboard

So I got bit by the diamond tufted headboard craze.. I was in love and wanted to knock one out in no time flat..... umm it took time, which was fine because with a crazy 5 year old, a baby who wants to nurse every 1.5hrs and a strong man with crazy work hours, time was exactly what I needed.

I followed Jenny's tut @ Little Green Notebook and this tut on Schue Love, I did make some changes, minor ones.

here's my supply list:
3 inch foam(Jo-Ann's warning find a coupon it's pricey.)
Queen size quilt batting ( I used two layers.)
Spray Carpet adhesive- We had this on hand and it worked very well.
Fabric- I bought 3 yards. of amazing velvet from Jo-Ann's used a coupon.
3 button kits- came up with a trick to save my fingers... will share
 peg board- Had home depot cut it into a rectangle. They would only cut between holes.
Staples, staples and more staples...
A staple gun... more about that later
upholstery needles LONG ones.
upholstery thread- one spool
 Sharpie marker... for marking everything

We rounded the top edge of the peg board with a jigsaw, and cut the foam to fit... it took some piecing together but cut wonderfully with a Cutco serrated knife.  We marked where the buttons were going to go and cut notches into the foam.

All of that was easy.

Then we used the spray adhesive to attached the foam and wrapped it in batting, here is where it started getting tricky  it was hard stapling the batting to the peg board... I mean really hard. We were useing a light duty stapler... big mistake as we busted that one we ran to sears and got this BAD BOY. Well he worked ok until we went to do the buttons then he busted also... so We returned then both and bought this ONE!  Thank you POWER!  It made all the difference!

So we put the button on and we were doing great until... I realized my fabric was too short on the bottom. SO I cut a strip and sewed it on the bottom.... Yes while it was attached to the peg board, foam and all.... It was a sight.

Knotting the thread.

In progress... yes the baby enjoyed watching us work.

After that I finished all the work on my own! :)

Now the tip I have for you is when you make your fabric covered buttons, follow the direction but when you push on the plastic piece to press the back in... STEP on it... use your heel and you will feel it pop.... This SAVED my fingers!!!!

So Pretty!!

I'm topsy turvy tuesdays

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