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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Party is done!

Kelton wanted a LEGO themed Birthday so ... LEGOS is what he got.

I made the banners... and the giant faux legos, Kelton and Doug made the number 5 sign for the door.

I made so many LEGO chocolates and LEGO Soaps that I feel like Willy wonka meets Irish spring. ( No I didn't use Irish spring lol... that would just be silly.)

He had a blast Here are the photos:

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  1. looks like a VERY awesome party!! your so creative girl! gotta thank you again for showing me how to make those crayon roll ups at your sewing party, i use mine for my make up brushes & will be making them for all my ladies for xmas =] so excited! miss you lots! email me sometime & let me know how that lil bun in the oven is doing =] kyahr3@yahoo.com i really miss ya!!!