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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Art for Kelton's room- fly away!

I found these frames in the Target Clearance section for 1.50 ea, one was red and the other was grass green. Kelton's room has little to nothing on the walls.(Just some airplane decals that match his bedding. see here!) So I knew I needed to make something for his room. So I ran over to Micheal's, Let me tell you this place overwhelms me, they have so much random stuff!

I found some light blue chipboard letters for 1.99 and a sheet of scrapbook paper with a plane theme. I also picked up some other things but we will go over that later!

So I headed home and dug up some spray paint from a project a friend did, and got to work. Cut the paper to fit in the frame and decided which letters I wanted to use. The frames were too small to put his name in so I opted for one to say Fly and the other to say up & away.

I had some scrap-booking buttons and such that I used to add to them.

I spray painted one frame silver and the other navy blue. I also spay painted the chip board letters I won't lie I was worried this wouldn't work but it worked perfectly.

Here's the finished product!

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